The power of meeting — Congresses, Events, Communication, Technology, Trips

The group

“We are the driving force of your idea. At GP we create, implement and manage your Project from its base up to the end, involving ourselves as if we were one more of your team. A personalized service which supports our philosophy The power of meeting

Grupo Pacífico

We are a family business who has already more than 35 years at its customer’s service. Thirty years of enthusiasm creating congresses, events and meetings that have left mark in his attendants.

With a team of over 120 professionals, Grupo Pacífico has been able to anticipate and adapt to times, by incorporating new disciplines to its portfolio of services such as: Communication consultancy, technological support, congresses organization, special events and trips, both as incentive and as professional. In addition to all this, we offer our clients an integral service in the management of their Project providing this way, the needed confidence.


We are holistic.

When it comes to confront your project, Grupo Pacífico takes it as a whole, integrated and global.

In this way, we never lose the relations created within all components: strategic, communicative, and organizational, making your project a story full of success.

Taking the projects as a whole and not as the sum of all of its parts, makes us that at Grupo Pacífico we have the mission to give your projects an integral service and response throughout the whole process.

All projects will be carried out with our LOOP system which ensures a comprehensive service from its analysis and preparation up to the measurement of the results.

LOOP system.



The power of meeting.

The 35 years of Grupo Pacífico in the industry, have determined that our Philosophy and professionalism have grown and matured with us. Therefore, in this new stage, we want to humanize all of our projects and give real importance to the relationships that arise between professionals and customers. Thus, “The power of meeting” has an effect on the first handshake with which the relationship between customer and company begins.

Board of directors

  • José Milán
    José Milán
  • Mario Milán
    Mario Milán
  • Ramón Nogueras
    Ramón Nogueras
  • Diego Herrera
    Diego Herrera
    Congress Manager
  • Josep Llobet
    Josep Llobet
    Incentive Trips and Events Manager
  • José Mª Ávila
    José Mª Ávila
    Development Manager
  • Manuel Cortiñas
    Manuel Cortiñas
    Incentive Trips and Events Sales Manager
  • Patricia Milán
    Patricia Milán
    Technical Manager
  • Yasmina Estupiña
    Yasmina Estupiña
    Business Intelligence and IT Manager

What our clients think

These are some of the compliments we have received from our clients. These opinions make us want to be a bit better every day and continue to maintain our level of requirement with which we started 35 years ago.


My sincerest congratulations. It has been a pleasure to have you in the team and to see the level of professionalism with which you manage everything, the predisposition and proactivity brought to a maximum.
Sonia del Río Hernández - Novartis Oncology Spain - Congress Manager
90% of the success of the event was thanks to you. I want to emphasize how enormously happy I am to have had you.
Alfonso Tejedor Escobar – Marketing Responsable
Congratulations and many, many thanks.
Susanne Mack - Event Manager - Communication & Goverment Affairs
I wish to express my heartfelt congratulations and thanks for the extraordinary work that has been done in our congress.
Dr. José A. López Trigo – President – SEGG
GILEAD - Annual Convention
Thank you for your efforts, work and dedication to the Convention. Everything was EXCELLENT!
Amaya Echevarría - Business Unit Director Haemato-Octology – Gilead Spain
Again, you have been key in the success of the event, your professionalism and commitment during these days have been excellent.
Sonia del Río Hernández – Novartis Oncolology Spain – Congress Manager
I wanted to thank you again for your great support in an event so important to us and that as always was a success.
Begoña Vilar Alvarez – Sanofi Genzyme - Executive Assistant to Iberia General Manager
NOVARTIS - Internal presentation ENTRESTO
On behalf of Novartis, I would like to thank all the team's work, attitude and commitment.
Marga Arnau – Novartis Farmacéutica, S.A. – Head Congress and Events
I would like to thank you for all your dedication to the Congress and for the success in organizing it.
Jaime Blanes – Nestlé España, S.A. – Sales Manager
Many thanks. The societies that organized the Congress made the best decision, 6 years ago, when they contracted with Pacifico.
Dr. Vicente Morales - Member of the Scientific Committee Congress Clinical Laboratory 2016
I wanted to thank you for all the work done to celebrate the Day of Surgery. His excellent organization contributed to the success of the day.
Dr. Josep M Borras - Coordinator of the National Cancer Strategy of the NHS
I am completely agree with Dr Borras words. Congratulations.
Dr. Eduardo Mª Targarona - Director of the Unit of Gastrointestinal and Hematological Surgery Professor of Surgery Hospital Sant Pau Autonomous University of Barcelona
It has been a pleasure to work with professionals like you who have given us so much work and that you have had great patience.
Patricia Vietio – Trade & Consumer Marketing Manager


ZOETIS – Product Launch
I Want to thank you for all your help in order to achieve with a "round" day.
All the implied people are very satisfied. Total success!!
Cruz Galindo – Asistente Unidad de Negocio de Rumiantes
Roche – AUNA Meeting
All wonderful. A thousand thanks for all.
Ana Cagigas Gavira - Roche Farma, S.A. - Onco-Hematology Division
I would like to congratulate you for the excellent work realized for the AUNA meeting. It has been wonderful working with you, both before and during the event. All the time you have been to the height. Also to congratulate you for your agility at the moment of handling the unexpected situations. Everything has turned out to be perfect!!
Congratulations and thanks for the meeting!
Javier Velasco - Product Manager - ROCHE FARMA, S.A.
Novartis – Suma Aire3
I want to congratulate you on the well done work. You have been in everything and you have contributed to the super success reached in this 3rd edition of the SUMA AIRE. Congratulations, as always it is a pleasure to work with you.
Núria Martínez Esteve – Congress Manager – Novartis Farmacéutica, S.A.
Synergie – Convention
I would like to thank you for your help. You gave us the calm that we needed and helped us in order to simplify all the steps to manage the event and make it brilliant.
Laura Horno – Marketing department central offices
Divina Pastora - Incentive
Since long time ago we use the term of "operative excellence" among our collaborators to define the well done work.
We you can affirm you that after everything we have experienced, before and during the trip, it has been the definition of what we understand for "corporate excellence". Impeccable organization and unsurpassable attention.
Noemí Llorens Lleonart – General Commercial Subdirector – Divina Pastora Seguros
Sociedad Española de Geriatría y Gerontología –IAGG Congress–ER 2019
Only a few words of gratefulness and congratulations for the magnificent work realized in the presentation of the candidacy SEGG to the congress IAGG-ER 2019. Thank you for the efficiency, diligence and good work and in addition, since always, of your very good mood, despite we modified all the time and up to the last minute.
José A. López Trigo - Sociedad Española de Geriatría y Gerontología.
I am so grateful for all the great work realized in the meeting of Santiago and also in the set of 3 meetings that we have done during these 3 months.
Our people and our clients are really satisfied on how it has gone and all of that would not be possible without your effort, organization, attention for the details, creativity and implication.
Javier Barreiro García - Marketing Manager Respiratorio & Analgesia - Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals, S.L.
I want to thank you for the great professionalism of Grupo Pacífico that has found solutions to solve to all the logical problems that have arisen in day after day during these three years.
Dr. Vicente Rodríguez – President of the Organizing Local Committee of SECOIR 2015
To inform you that you can be very satisfied of the work of Grupo Pacífico, since the event was undoubtedly a success.
Sr. Joaquín Castillo – General Manager of Tourism – Comunidad de Madrid.
Thank you for the wonderful service that you have given us during Daiichi Sankyo's national meeting: the best thing that I have seen in life!! The attention to the detail was fantastic at all time.
Sra. Hilary Gilbertson – Management Assistant
This year we have had the opportunity to work with you for the first time and the experience has been fantastic. Congratulations to the whole team not only for the communication, assistance in the trip but also for the coordination of the work. With you the connection has been very easy.
Sra. Olga García – Iberia B2B & Cards Marketing Manager
No problem and finaly it has been an excellent and very well organized meeting. Thanks to Grupo Pacifico´s team for everything.
Joerg Dehrendt – Commercial Director
We would like to emphisize our gratefulness to Grupo Pacifico´s congresses for the help that we have received at all time.
Dra. Maria Luisa Poch – President of SENEP Congress 2015
Dr. Alberto García – Organization Committee SENEP 2015
It didn’t know how to thank you for all you have done for the Donosti's congress. It is a pleasure to work with all of you.
Dr. Iñaki Artaza – President of Sociedad Vasca de Geriatría y Gerontología
I would like to officially thank Grupo Pacifico for putting up a marvelous effort before & during de 77th EAGE Annual Conference & Ehibition.
The co-operation, flexibility, specialism, pro-active service minded attitude and organization expertise helped to make our entire event very professional.
Sr. Ricardo Vivas van Leeuwen – Mgr. Special Events & Exhibitions – EAGE
I want to express you our gratefulness and recognition for your fantastic labor. The work of the Technical Secretariat has been excellent and that has determined that the degree of satisfaction for the congress has been very high.
Dr. Álvaro Pascual
Catedrático de Microbiología. Universidad de Sevilla.
Jefe de Servicio de Microbiología. Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena.
It wanted take this opportunity to thank you for the support and help received last week and during the time that has passed up to materializing the T-60 Convention of DHL. The truth is that everything was a great success and it has been possible thanks to your effort and work. We were looking for the excellence and we had obtained it !!!!
Núria Brunet – Marketing Manager - DHL Barcelona
I want to thank you for the effort and the work that you have done during the course of these months of preparation of the congress of Seville
Dr Eduardo Muñiz-Diaz - Jefe de la División de Inmunohematología - Coordinador de Hemovigilancia - Banc de Sang i Teixits
It want to thank the whole team for the work realized in the trip to Sri Lanka (from the back office, preparation and development of the trip). The trip has been a success among our clients and it really wouldn’t had been possible without the previous and during the trip work of your team, always taking care of the details and the necessities of the clients.
I want to personally thank you for all the work, dedication and professionalism that you have shown in the preparation of the event of last week in Barcelona. It has been a great success, and thanks to your collaboration, the Spanish subsidiary has been congratulated and recognized for this great organization and professionalism.
Carme Miquel – Business Support Manager
I do not want to miss the opportunity to thank the people of Grupo Pacifico for the dedication and effort in order that this trip went well, and this way it was, it turned out very well.
I’m writing to thank you for the attention we received and I want to congratulate you for the great professionalism of your team. As always and exceeding the expectations, you have demonstrated that you are capable of satisfying all our needs in preparing our events, being capable of taking care of all the details as Mundipharma values, being a luxury to be able to have you in our team of organization.
Teresa Rivera Frías - Manager of Effectivity of Sales & Administration
OFTALTECH, S.A. – ESCRS Congress 2015
We have received an e-mail from SCHWIND company, commenting that they were very grateful and satisfied by the organization, as well as, the participant in the event. I want to transmit their message and also to thank you from my part for the support that you have offered us.
Manel Morros – General Manager
Carl Zeiss Iberia – ESCRS Congress 2015
I want to transfer you the congratulations received of Tobias Schaible and all his team for the organization, support, commitment and rapidity in the execution on the part of the whole team of ZEISS Iberia in the Congress ESCRS 2015 Barcelona.
Margarita Portillo - Marketing & Communication Manager
ZOETIS – BVOA Congress
Many thanks for all the work you have done during this trip and the follow-up carried out. Good job!!
Coral Bartolomé|BU Pets and Equine.
Hoya – Congreso ESCRS 2015
I would like to thank you for the nice time we spent in Barcelona. We had many meetings, many hotel bookings and the majority of the details of the Symposium, were decided at the “last minute". You were capable of helping us at all time. We are still listening our staff, distributors and clients speaking about how well everything went out.
Adriana Leal- MA, PhD – Associate Marketing EMEA
36 SAGG Congress
Once finished the 36 SAGG Congress I want, in my name and in that of the Organizing Committee, to send you the recognition of the labor of your team in the preparation and development of the congress.
Dr. José Manuel Marín Carmona - President of SAGG
I want to congratulate you for the excellent congress that you organized in Zaragoza. Your human team continues surprising me for their professionalism.
Dr. Ignacio Manrique Martínez - Director of Instituto Valenciano de Pediatría
Last weekend, Zaragoza was covered by Pediatrics and happy memories, which will go to many places, less to nothing... And that is because of Grupo Pacifico, because the certain thing is that you treat us too good.
Dr. Javier González de Dios – Jefe Sº de Pediatría - Hospital General Universitario de Alicante.
I congratulate you for the great job you have done.
Dr. Xavier Carbonell – Past President
Excellent organization of the congress. Thank you very much.
Dr. Manuel Sánchez Luna - President
Many thanks for the perfect and effective organization of the Congress.
Dra. Ana Bianchi – Vice-president
Congratulations for the extraordinay succes.
Dr. Roberto Romero – President of Scientific Committee.
I want to be grateful for all the effort you have done during the congress. Everything was very well organized and you really did an excellent work.
Prof. Aris Antsaklis – President of the Society
We want to thank you for your collaboration in the event Prow 1. Each and every of you were a part of the success of this edition, which undoubtedly was one of the best ones until this moment.
Sra. Cristina Castell – Medical Training Coordinator
I want to thank you for your collaboration and professionalism during the Kick-off of November 12. Everything went out very well and the Company’s
Management transmitted it to me in this way.
Mª Teresa Gutiérrez – Marketing Management – Comunication
I want to congratulate you for the success obtained with the Event in Oporto, on Thursday with activities and dinner, and on Friday with the meeting.Thanks to your professionalism (management, implication, GREAT team, follow-up ...), we have obtained the level of excellence we always pursue.
Bibiana Armangué - Jefe de Marketing Cirugía Cardiaca
A few lines to officially say to you thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support, commitment and professionalism during this act.
Mª Luisa Benlloch – Internal Communications Manager


Alcon – Annual Sales Meeting
The meeting has been a great success and ALL members of this new team have transmitted their satisfaction for the great job.
Daniel Velasco – Medical Retina Product Manager Iberia
Roche - Convention
Thank you all for your job and most of all for the good atmosphere that I think we have managed to achieve this week. This really makes the job enjoyable.
Laura Manjón Sánchez – Congress & Events Manager
Palex – Product Launch
First of all, I want to thank you for your support and professionalism which helped to a good organization of the meeting.
Bibiana Armangué – Jefa Marketing Cirugía Cardíaca – Marketing Manager
Neonatology Congress
... I want to forward you the comments collected amongst all attendees, all mentioning the magnificent organization.
Dr. Francesc Botet - President
SEIP Congress
I really appreciate your professionalism and attention and above all the personal involvement to achieve such high quality meeting.
Dra. María José Mellado Peña - Jefe de Servicio de Pediatría Hospitalaria y E. Infecciosas y Tropicales Pediátricas Hospital Universitario Infantil La Paz- H. Carlos III
Incentive Trip Preventiva Seguros
On behalf of Preventiva I want to express the excellent satisfaction achieved during our incentive trip to Edinburgh.
I hope this first experience is the beginning of many other successful experiences that we may share with you.
Pedro Vigil-Escalera Caicoya - Marketing and Communication Department.
SECO Congress
Personally for me it has been a pleasure working with you. We are receiving great feedback from many participants. Thank you again on behalf of SECO.
Felipe de la Cruz Vigo
SECO’s President
As President of the Organizing Committee of the XVI Congreso SECO y II Congreso Ibérico de Obesidad y Enfermedades Metabólicas I want to congratulate you, on my behalf and on behalf of all members of the Organizing Committee, for the extraordinary organization and high professionalism you have shown. It has been a real pleasure working with you at all times available and at good spirit. I have received many comments, during and after the Congress, praising your good organization.
José Luis de la Cruz Vigo - President of the Organi
SECT Congress
I want to express my gratitude and my congratulations for the huge and effective work from Grupo Pacifico’s team assigned for the Congress. As in previous editions of our Congress, professionalism, good job and disposal have been commendable. This is usual in your company, nonetheless it has to be highlighted.
Nicolás Moreno Mata
SED Congress (Spanish Society of Diabetes)
Thank you for your contribution to the success of our XXVI National Congress. No doubt that your job is very important to achieve this, and I know you do the most to achieve great success.
María Eugenia Ruiz –SEDCoordinator
Congress of the Catalan Society of Cardiology
I would like to inform you that the Executive Board is extremely satisfied with the organization of the Congress.
Rufina Marco - Societat Catalana de Cardiologia
ASEPP (Spanish Association of Private Psychiatry)
From the Spanish Association of Private Psychiatry (ASEPP) we want to express our satisfaction with the result of your management of our 7Th National Congress held in San Sebastian last May. The Congress was a success and your job very much contributed to this success.
Salvador Ros Montalbán - President at ASEPP
Novartis - Diabetes 2DAY
I wanted to thank you for all your cooperation and commitment to help us making possible a new and spectacular event for 6 years in a row already. It is difficult to continue to innovate and it is a great pleasure seeing you with a smile on your face in each new briefing. On my side: I wanted a WOW effect, but with a significant reduction in our budget”! And you have made it possible.
Raquel Álvarez - Senior Brand Manager - Diabetes Area
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
I want to take the opportunity to thank each one of you for your work and professionalism in each of your responsibilities.
Ass. Prof. Dr. Francesc Xavier Cos Claramunt - Vice Chaiman Primary Care Diabetes Europe
Willis Network – V Forum
I want to congratulate you for the good quality service provided by Grupo Pacífico and for the efficiency and great attitude of the team assigned for the project.
Grünenthal – Course in advances in Oncological Pain
The event has been a great success. Thank you all.
Alicia Ortega - Grunenthal
Penguin Random House – Annual Convention
Thank you for your support and assistance. Everyone is very satisfied.
Sandra Carbó - Planificación Comercial
Zoetis – Foro
Everything went very well; and this is indeed the feedback we are receiving from our clients.
Elena Miguel - Zoetis
Clinical Laboratory Congress
I wish to express my congratulations on the organization of the Congress. My most sincere congratulations for having you great professionals on your team.
Alberto Moreno
Lumen Software
We would like to express our appreciation for the support received from Grupo Pacífico. We have been greatly surprised by the quality of the attention received, many times out of office hours and even many times at inconvenient and unhealthy hours.
Dr. Xavier Filella Pla
Dr. David Pérez Surribas
Novartis – Reunión de la Universidad Asma Pediátrica y AAO (Chicago)
Great Professionalism, high pro-activity and everything under control. Congratulations; it is a pleasure working like this, providing great confidence.
Marga Arnau - Congresses and Events Department
Laboratorios Alcon
Thank you for your excellent job. 10 Points to Pacífico and the team.
Inés Mateu – Laboratorios Alcon
Novartis – JPC Launching
Again, I want to thank you for your job which has been spectacular. Without your help I would have not been able to be taking care of other issues and I am sure we would have not achieved the success we managed to achieve. This really makes our job enjoyable
Marga Arnau - Congresses and Events Department
SEPEAP Congress
I want to thank you for the great organization of the Congress.
Dr. Fernando García-Sala - President of the Congress
Congratulations for the success of the Congress. We have had a great time.
Dr. Javier González de Dios - Pediatrician
I want to congratulate you for the great organization of the congress and thank you for all the attention you have given us before and during the Congress. Thank you for making it easy and Congratulations!!!!!!!!
Jaime Blanes - Sales Manager Nestlé
Cardiva – Congreso SILAN (Brazil)
Thank you for the great organization of our trip to Brazil, we are more than satisfied of your service.
Carlos Ibares – Director Cardiva


SEPA Congress (Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration)
Our warm congratulations on the excellent work done
Javier García Gómez-Die – SEPA’s Executive Director
Congreso Enfermería Vascular y Heridas
We want to show our admiration for the professionalism, dedication and availability
Fco. Xavier Santos Heredero – SEHER’s President
SEGG Congress (Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology)
We want to express our most heartfelt congratulations and appreciation for the outstanding work done by the whole team.
José A. López Trigo – President of the Sociedad Española de Geriatría y Gerontología (Spanish Society of of Geriatrics and Gerontology)
SEIMC Congress (Spanish Society of Infectious diseases and Clinical microbiology)
Thank you for your service. You are true professionals and it has been a great pleasure to work with you.
Alvaro Pascual – Head of the Microbiology Service. Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena. Microbiology Professor. Faculty of Medicine, Seville.
SEPEAP Congress (Pediatrics)
On behalf of my team, I want to thank you for the attentions received and for the professionalism shown during the organization and the development of the Congress.
Jaime Blanes – Sales Manager Infant Nutrition.
Atención Farmaceútica National Congress
On behalf of all members of the General Council we want to congratulate you on the great organization of the Congress
The President of the Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales (General Board of Official Associations)
Clinical Laboratory Congress
We want to congratulate you on the organization of the congress and for your good job. Thank you for the great attitude throughout the event and the whole process.
Santiago Prieto Menchero – President of the Asociación Española de Biopatología Médica (Spanish Association of Medical Biopathology)
SEED Congress (Spanish Society of Digestive Endoscopy)
Thank you for your effort to make a success of the event.
Leopoldo López Rosés – SEED’s President
NESTLÉ – (Meeting in Munich)
I want to thank you and congratulate you on your efforts which were of great help for the meeting to come out really well.
Jaime Blanes – Sales Manager Infant Nutrition.
Reunión del Dolor
Thank you and congratulations for your great work. It is a great pleasure to work with you.
Miguel Angel Ruiz Ibán – Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal – Unidad de Cirugía Artroscópica, Traumatología y Cirugía Ortopédica
Ricoh España (Convention)
Congratulations on a great work done. It is a pleasure working with professionals like you that make things much easier.
Iolanda Baqués – PR & Communications Mgr. Corporate Marketing – Ricoh España S.L.U.
Thank you for you professionalism and good work and for helping us all this time.
Congresses & Events Department – Boehringer Ingelheim
ZOETIS (Training Session: Leadership and the Teams)
The event left good impressions.
Juan A. Latorre Pla – Marketing Manager, Rumiants – ZOETIS
NOVARTIS (Excellence Awards)
Thank you for your professionalism.
Rafaela Verri Rocha – Congress Manager IHC
NOVARTIS (Diabetes 2 day)
Beyond the professionalism that characterizes you, thank you for your personal involvement in taking care of every detail.
Miriam Alonso Julià – Congress Manager – Novartis Farmacéutica S.A.


Very Successful event in Boston. Great organization from Grupo Pacífico.
Maribel García
Clinical Laboratory Congress
Given your great organization, it has been easy for me to carry out my tasks as President of the Congress. Thank you very much.
Dr. J. L. Bedine
SEPA Congress (Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration)
Congratulations for your Excellent Job. Extremely successful Congress. Your professionalism and Organization provides total guarantee.
Board of Directors.
Gambro (Kick Off Meeting)
Everything has run smoothly. Pacífico’s organization has been great. Congratulations.
José Miguel Planas (General Director).
Geriatrics Meeting
It has been a great Success. Thank you to Grupo Pacífico for their great organization.
Prof. José A. López Trigo.
“Univesidad del Aire” Meeting. Impeccable Organization from Pacífico.
Helena Pascual
Ricoh (Distributors Convention)
Great success. Congratulations to the team from Grupo Pacífico for their great organization.
Manuel Escacena-Chica.
SEEIC Congress (Spanish Society of Electro medicine and clinical Engineering)
You have my great appreciation for your impeccable organization. You have shown a great organization. Congratulations.
José Carlos Fernández (President)
Foro2 Valencia meeting has been a great success. Thank you for your organization.
Alba Abad
EPOC Congress Pamplona
Your work has been great. We are delighted with Grupo Pacífico.
Javier Zulueta (Presidente)
The meeting in Barcelona has been a great success. Thank you.
Josefina Lloret
Convention in Istanbul. Perfect organization. Thank you very much.
Sandra Perujo
Meeting in Abu Dhabi. Congratulations Grupo Pacífico for your great job.
Marga Arnau
Emergencies Congress
Thank you for your great work in our International Congress.
Dr. Joaquín Segales (President)
ESDR Congress (European Society of Dermatological Research)
It has been a pleasure working with you. You have done a very good job. Thank you very much.
Carolina Blondel (European Society of Dermatology)


Boehringuer (OPOC Meeting)
Great Organization of the 8 simultaneous meetings. Many Congratulations for a Perfect Job.
Mercedes Alabart.
AEC Congress (Spanish Association of Surgeons)
The Congress has been a great success. Thank you for a great organization.
Prof. Dr. Eduardo Mª Targarona.
Salvat Biotech
The meeting in Miami has been a great success thanks to your great organization. Thank you Grupo Pacífico for these unforgettable days.
Roberto Costillas (Commercial Director)
SEPEAP Congress in Santiago de Compostela (Pediatrics)
Grupo Pacífico’s Organization has been impeccable. Congratulations to Mr. Milán and to all his team.
President’s Speech, Luis Sánchez Santos.
Apotex (Meeting in Andorra)
It has been a great success due to your great organization.
Sara García Izquierdo.
SEGG national Congress (Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology)
I wish to express my most sincere congratulations for the magnificent Organization of the European Congress of Geriatrics and Gerontology. The service from Grupo Pacífico has been impeccable.
Prof. Dr. Pedro Gil (Presidente Sociedad)
Bard España
The meeting was perfect. Magnificient organization. It is a pleasure and a guarantee working with Grupo Pacífico.
Ana Jordana.
SEME Congress (Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine)
You have done a great job in our 26th congress, thank you very much and congratulations.
Pilar Rodrigo.
Novartis (Meeting “Éxito Construyendo Salud” – (Success in building Health))
It has been a success and your organization, as usual, impeccable. With partners like you it is a pleasure!
Josefina Lloret (Congresses and Events Director)
Novartis Farmacéutica
The organization of the meeting in Madrid has been excellent you have done a great job. Congratulations and thank you.
Miriam Alonso Julia
Boehringuer (Meeting in Valencia)
Great success. Excellent organization. Thank you.
Mercedes Alabart (Congress and Events Department Director)


Roche Laboratories
The meeting in Orlando has been greatly organized and has been a great satisfaction for attendees. Congratulations to all the team for their willingness.
Beatriz Alfonsín (Congresses & Events)
DCIS Congress (Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems)
The Congress has been a success. Great organization and professionalism. Thank you very much.
Dr. José Francisco López
Sanofi Aventis
The European GM Meeting has been efficiently and greatly organized. Congratulations to Grupo Pacífico.
C. Tessmar (Congress Department Director)
SEIMC Congress (Spanish Society of Infectious diseases and Clinical microbiology)
The organization has been great. I congratulate you for your great work and the wonderful Organization from Grupo Pacífico.
The Board of Directors
The incentive trip to Croatia has been Impeccable and greatly organized. All attendees have congratulated us for the professionalism shown by Grupo Pacífico.
Rodolfo Jiménez
Jornadas Vacunas Bilbao (Vaccines Workshop)
Thank you very much for your magnificent work.
Javier Aristegui (President)
Gallina Blanca
Our convention has been a great success. Many thanks to Grupo Pacífico for the great organization.
Montse Carbó
MSD Laboratories
Our convention held in Marrakech has been a great success. We know how difficult is to handle a group of 1.300 persons and thanks to the great organization of Grupo Pacífico, everything run smoothly.
Carolina Arroyo
SEPA Congress (Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration)
I sincerely appreciate the great Organization of our congress. Every aspect was impeccable.
Núria Vallcorba (President of the Society)
Sanofi Aventis (Company Meeting)
You have done a great job. We will carry out many projects together. Congratulations.
C. Tessmar (Events Director)
Chiesi Laboratories
The meeting in Madrid has been a success. Thank you for your great Job.
Mª Carmes Basolas Tena.
SEMA Congress (Spanish Society of Adolescence medicine)
The organization was impeccable. Thank you very much.
Dr. Josep Cornella Canals

What we do


The experience of the leader.

After a lifetime dedicated to this, our experience supports us and allows us to improve and innovate constantly. In Grupo Pacífico we organize more than 60 congresses per year, national and international, in which a team of over 50 professionals works with enthusiasm for your success.

More than 20 medical societies give us the opportunity to provide them with our services, enjoying the effectiveness of our management and the advice of a great team of professionals and the proven experience of 35 years at your disposal and 967 congresses organized.


Technical and Scientific Secretariat

  • -Feasibility Study
  • -Financial advice and management
  • -Suppliers – study and negotiations
  • -Congress Promotion
  • -Management of registrations and Hotel Bookings
  • -Up taking and management of Sponsors
  • -Scientific Secretariat (abstracts, speakers…)
  • -Invited Speakers management
  • -Social Programme
  • -Programa social.
  • -Transportation management
  • -On site assistance




Services for your society
Strategic Consultancy


  • -Expenses optimization
  • -Income increase
  • -Potential evaluation of cities and venues
  • -Non-traumatic implementation of the new VAT policy

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  • Updated information of the Congress (ACCO Application)
  • Allows downloading reports including the needed data of the Congress (Assembly)
  • Create a virtual library with all abstracts (later to be published on the web site).


Digital Signage, digital name plates for speakers, electronic posters, interactive totems, interactive floors, interactive voting, attendance monitoring, radiofrequency arc scanners, laser readers for barcodes, Video streaming…


Website, cell phone applications, Code to check reservations.


E-newsletter, YouTube Channel, Community Manager for Area Management 2.0



If you want to organize an event that enhances your brand and positions it as the Center of Attention of its area, you can count on us.

At Grupo Pacífico, with more than 550 events per year, we offer you a comprehensive service when it comes to the management of your event. Delegate to us, It is our duty, therefore our team of 40 professionals will ensure your success: from the definition of strategies, objectives and concepts up to the analysis of the ROI once the event is over.

Choose the event that may better fit your project and we will make a success of it.

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It’s time to connect with your team

At Grupo Pacífico, we will take care of all details, conceptualizing and developing globally your event or meeting.

Previous consultancy and continued advice – Location – site communication – scripting – coaching for speakers – performance – scenery – audiovisual contents – design of presentations – production and execution.


The launching of a new product to the market, fruit of your work and effort, must be shown in the best showcase possible.

For this, in Grupo Pacífico we do our best to achieve the best staging adapting the design of the event to the own concept of the product, developing the necessary tools for its communication and enhancing its notoriety from the very beginning.


Trust Grupo Pacífico and make a unique experience of your incentive trip, we will surprise you with our creative and different projects, will add value to them, also including activities with CSR value.

We look for special locations and create the driving force from the beginning of your trip until the end.


Develop, present and expose with Grupo Pacífico.

We provide your meeting with powerful tools and communication necessary for the exposing of your objective; we create the perfect space and put at your disposal our “expertise” so that everything runs smoothly.


Enjoy, learn and discover with us.

Grupo Pacífico ensures that the clients feel accompanied when they travel to attend International Congresses, given that we take care of all details of the programme and the Itinerary. We know well the destination due to an extensive network of delegations yearly audited by Grupo Pacífico.

Our task is to get for our clients the best hotel at the best rate and make them feel they are living a personalized and professional experience.


We should never stop learning

And at Grupo Pacífico we learn every day, to be able to provide our clients with the necessary tools to carry out effective, dynamic and successful training sessions.


Promote, encourage and strengthen team work

At Grupo Pacífico, we assure you a high and active participation in your workshop.

We are specialized in developing new formats that set trend and we provide clients will all tools necessary of an optimal development. We collect, measure and analyze the results.


Take your brand where your audience is.

At Grupo Pacífico we plan the best route and manage the locations and logistics required to make your roadshow a success. We are specialists in the development of actions that strengthen interaction with the receiver making him an active part of our message.


We maximize the results of your event

At Grupo Pacífico we analyze the situation of each client and we design, plan and execute Communication strategies specific for your event.

We have the expertise and structure that allows designing global solutions with a single partner and with the aim of promoting the pre, during and post event.


Personalised incentives and luxury holidays

After years of experience developing incentives and large corporate trips, we at Grupo Pacífico have decided to go one step further and create Premium, a new division specialising in elite holidays for both companies and individuals who want to have a unique and exclusive experience.

A highly specialised team will be in charge of leading this new department within the company.


We have the best trip made for you

At Viajes Pacífico we take care of every detail so that you only have to think about enjoying the trip, since we plan trips analyzing your profile as traveler. Defending, implementing and controlling your travel policy, offering you the best rates and destinations with the best team at your disposal.

  • Department for Companies
  • Travel Plans for speakers and attendees
  • Special VIP Management
  • “Grand Tours”
  • Cruises
  • Family Trips


Technological Solutions adapted to your needs

We have a team of 10 professionals dedicated exclusively to create and develop unique technological solutions developed specifically for your company or project.

Our own software

We have our own registered software, GESCO, ABSCO and GP_ES, which are at our client’s disposal and which can be adapted to your needs and which cover all business areas of the sector.

  • -Congresses and Events Management
  • -Management of small meetings.
  • -Management of Individual Partnerships
  • -Search engine for national and International Congresses
  • -Module for reports

Customized developments

We design and develop web platforms, online applications and software to meet the needs of our customers.

  • -Web development
  • -Development of Area Management System 2.0: design and management of channels and Facebook Applications.
  • -Applications for Cell Phones
  • -Management simulators


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